Ray Kim, founder of The Write Stuff

About The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff (officially, The Write Stuff Technical Documentation Services, LLC) was born from the 2020 COVID-19 crisis after Ray Kim lost his IT analyst/technical writer contract position with a large financial services firm. Around the same time, he received a call from an old friend and colleague asking for help with a documentation project. Ray decided it was time to parlay his experience into a new venture, and The Write Stuff was born.

Ray was frustrated with the large scale disrespect and lack of understanding about documentation, and decided to do something about it. Having worked in both professional application development and technical writing environments, he drew upon his years of experience in technical writing and IT to establish The Write Stuff.

About Ray Kim

Upon his graduation from Syracuse University, Ray set out to pursue a career in computer applications development. But a funny thing happened along the way. Ray discovered that he was a good writer, and found that he developed documentation better than he developed code. He parlayed his newly-discovered talent into a Masters degree in technical communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and set out to improve the world of business and information technology, one document at a time.

Ray is a frequent presenter at SQL Saturday, a series of data-centric conferences. He speaks on the professional development track, presenting on topics about documentation, communication, and business networking. Check out his ‘blog for a list of his presentations!

Ray is a member of:

In his spare time, Ray is a classically-trained musician who plays four different instruments (piano, clarinet, saxophone, and mallet percussion — he could have easily been a music major in college), and does CrossFit (even if he looks more like a couch potato than an athlete). He lives and works in the Capital District region (Albany metropolitan area) of New York State, along with his wife and their two cats.

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