My vitae — here are some of the projects that I’ve either worked on or are currently in progress.

  • Developed a new MS Word template according to customer specifications
  • Ghostwrote ‘blog articles
  • Created a technical reference document in MS Word
  • Restructured and rewrote online Atlassian Confluence documentation
  • Maintain a ‘blog about professional development topics
  • Created marketing materials, including a logo, website (this very site you’re reading now), business cards, and T-shirts, for my own business (I “eat my own dog food,” so to speak)
    • Visit this link if you’d like to order a T-shirt! I do not get any money for these shirts; my payment is you walking around advertising my business!
  • Designed and created my own (and very-much talked about!!!) business cards!
  • Created presentation slides in MS PowerPoint
  • Documented and mapped database (both Oracle and SQL Server) table structures in MS Visio
  • Wrote a variety of user manuals, technical references, and system administration guides using MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe FrameMaker
  • Edited a variety of images and graphics for documentation using MS Paint, Adobe PhotoShop, and CorelDRAW
  • Supported and developed a corporate website using MS Visual Studio, Adobe DreamWeaver, classic ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and JavaScript
  • Developed a server inventory database using SQL Server
  • Documented data center server room maps using MS Access, MS Word, and MS Visio
  • Developed a server build checklist in MS Word; I later created an online version using the server inventory database mentioned above

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